come out of hiding, wild one.


Welcome home, wild one.

Hi, my name is Kimberly.

I'm a writer, speaker, coach, professor &
founder of
The Uncovered Woman.

I believe that everyone deserves freedom, healing & a life of passion. I speak & write & teach about feminism, uncovering our true selves, religion & faith, and the role of pleasure in creating lives that we adore. 

With my help,
women uncover their true selves,
connect to their power,
heal their bodies & hearts from sexual trauma & heartbreak,

 and feel amazing.

Just like you,
I'm a mix of mess & magic. 

I've been an Ivy-league graduate & a lingerie model, a feminist who cries at car commercials, a writer who is always terrified to hit 'publish' (but who is always glad she did). I almost became a minister & a missionary, but I became a sex coach & feminist scholar instead.

Let's talk.

Through my PhD & in my research, in my years of coaching & my classes, with my friends and in my personal life, I stand for women's freedom. 

My work strips away all the layers that you've been hiding under: guilt, shame, old identities, and everyone else's approval & expectations...

Until what's left is you, uncovered. Real. Ready to shine. 


Coaching Client Love Notes

Sophia N.

"You need this. 
Just bite the bullet, 
pay the money, 
every penny is worth it. 
I'm saying this as a person who loves introspection and thought I had a handle on it.
I had no idea what was inside me that needed to come out.
It was scary at first,

You are safe here
with Kimberly,
and she will not judge you. 


Let her help you with what she's learned. 
I promise you that you need it. 
No matter where you are, you need it. So if anything she says strikes a chord at all, follow that feeling and
just sign up
to work with her. 

It will really, truly change your life and I don't say that lightly."

Emily S. 

"Kimberly did more than just tell me that I could do it; she also helped me brainstorm tangible, achievable steps...and she made it effortless.  Kim took the things that were scary to me and made them fun. 

She got me to focus my energy on being excited about the things I wanted to do so that I wasn’t spending that energy telling myself I couldn’t do them." 

Mari A.

"Entering into the space
that Kimberly has lovingly and thoughtfully created 
feels like coming home to yourself.


She is so radically empathetic, insightful, and wise that it feels like she's known you forever. Her approach is so inclusive and hospitable—at any stage in your journey to anything—that you're left wondering how she knew exactly what to say, which flowers to put out, which pain points you need addressing.


In short, 
Kimberly is magical."

Dawna M.

"This work is both a magical and practical compass for the heart. Kim guided me to the depths of my heart space to connect with myself and my desires  in a loving, expansive way.
Working with Kim in this way is a divine invitation to connect with my cravings, my true self, my intuition, my very essence and how to live in that space as an embodied sovereign queen. 


This is for anyone who wants to be closer to themselves and also others.
It’s true beauty and uncovered gold."

Monique R.

"Sometimes all we need is a push from another soul who sees everything within us that we fail to see in ourselves. I truly found that inspiration in my work with Kimberly!" 

Dawn S.

"Kim perfectly embodies the balance between cozy and badass, between safety and daring.
No matter where you are, or where you want to be on that continuum, she can meet you there and support you and cheer you on as you navigate to where you want to be.


She has her arms wide open to welcome you in to find your story and your path. I am so grateful for her heart and her vision and her listening soul.

If you’re like me, and grew up in your own blend of religious, cultural and familial influences that encouraged you to lock desire and pleasure and sexuality away behind a wall of fear and disgust and shame - Kim can help you uncover all of that.

To reclaim these hidden aspects of yourself in a way that feels beautiful and true.

Her coaching has been supportive and encouraging and just what I need as I walk (and dance?!)
my way through this process."

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