I help clients reconnect to their bodies & to their power
so that they can create a life they adore.


safe & connected in their sexuality,
alive in their bodies,
empowered in their lives,
and inspired in their work,



things happen.

it is a pleasure to meet you

My work in the world is about reclaiming the divinity & desires within us all.


I am trained in holistic coaching & specifically in sex, love, and relationship coaching & my M.A. is from Yale and my PhD is from George Washington University. I've spent time in the academic study of women's empowerment and the more ephemeral world of religious training. These weave together in my work to blend high impact practical tools with soft spiritual guidance and a deep commitment to women's freedom after centuries of being excluded, disempowered, and disembodied. This is the perfect time to embark on this work, together.

My Teachers

I am in deep gratitude to the teachers and mentors who guided me to create the work that you see here through their coaching, courses, retreats, and by example. 

Katina Mercadante 

Briana Borten

Nisha Moodley

Sarah Jenks 

Amy Everhart 

Amber Campion

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