a nine month experience for womxn on a path to empowered, inspired action

Opening & Closing Retreats

Beach Party

Washington, DC & Tulum, Mexico*  

Begin & end in a sacred container that allows you to step away from your routine, get incredibly clear and create the life you dream of

Monthly Modules & Devotional Workbook

Notebook and Pen

Address each area of your life with

clarity & compassion

Receive your course-long journal for the mastermind in January, and move through the monthly content (from career & family to religion & love) at the pace that feels right to you. Each month you'll get new podcasts, meditations, and guest mentors to help guide you.


Desert Mountains

Under the Full Moon, gather in person

or attend via live stream as we circle,

release & recommit to ourselves

Every trimester, we will hold a Full Moon Ceremony together, whether you join in person or not, you will experience the magic of our collective, holding you!

24/7 Support Group

Hikers by the Bridge at Sunset

A Virtual Space of Sisterhood & Care

Connect with other women from across the world who are all on the same journey of enlivening, illuminating & inspiring. Create a business strategy group, a book club, get recommendations for a date night, or share when you need encouragement and are having a hard time. Our space is here for you, always.

Laser Coaching 


Monthly Coaching with Kimberly 

Get access to monthly support via coaching calls, normally only available in a premium package of high end coaching sessions.


Bring anything you need to get clarity on to the table.

empowered women

empower women

How do you want your life to feel?

Create financial abundance, irresistible intimacy, a community of friends who truly get you, and a life that aligns with your true purpose.




& Your Big Dreams




& Rest



& Calling 

What are you here for?


Sisterhood & Community


Support & healing 


Relationships & Romance 



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Finances & 



Family & ancestral healing 



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Our invocation

Since joining the mastermind, I've noticed ALL of the changes. Even though I knew the work had to be done and I kind of knew I was doing it, it just became so clear that things were changing. The timing of everything happening with my case, my personal life, and the mastermind, was beyond serendipitous and in sync with each other, it was magical. The biggest change is that I am calmer and more at peace than I ever have been.




The retreat really opened up to me the purpose of the entire EM program.


I was better able to connect deeply with other participants when we met in person and were given time to think about, manifest, and create action plans for what each of us needed from this experience.


We were given a space to be vulnerable and raw with ourselves and each other. We were given a space to be fully ourselves - as women, as goddesses, as daughters, as partners, as friends - and we could do that without judgement.


It's so difficult to find spaces like those that feel safe.

This one did.



25 & 26

Opening Weekend Retreat 


Washington, DC

Full Moon









coaching calls

Group & Individual
coaching calls every


to connect & get




26 & 27

Closing Weekend Retreat 


Washington, DC

Plus, surprise gifts + a paper workbook + an online visionboard workshop

When I think about the best work I’ve ever created — the things that matter the most to me, the writing that felt deeply true and that flowed easily the projects that seemed to come from an internal knowing place — I recognize that they were acts of creation that required consistent attention.


From me, yes. But also from others.


Supporters and friends who act as sounding boards, fresh audiences, listeners, editors, and whose own work inspired me to keep creating. 


Our best work comes when we are supported, held, and cheered on.


It was this impulse that led me to create the Empowerment Mastermind.


The 2020 group will be a circle of women on a roll, ready to kick a project into gear, shape their lives into what they want, fall back in love with themselves, and create work that dazzles them.


Enrollment is limited, but if you feel like you are on the cusp of something big, ready to create shifts in your world and tackle the big things that are calling to you in your career or your life, I invite you to explore joining us.


What do you need to create the work of art that is your life?


This is a space for pleasure, play, and purpose to weave together in your work, In your life, and in your relationships. We will create the rising tide that lifts all our boats. 

What is a mastermind? A small gathering of folks who are each BUILDING something. On their own, but also together.


The "mastermind" part comes into play as each of us supports and inspires one another. Over the course of six months,you will have the support to create, with just the right mix of structure and spaciousness. Two retreats in person, a series of guest teachers and experts to guide us through different "modules" or chapters within our lives (from self-love & romance to career & ambition) and online content you can access from anywhere, anytime. The full experience includes surprise gifts designed to encourage and energize your growth, two retreats in DC, nine content modules with guest teachers, meditations, and guided journal pages, full moon circles and a private group for 24/7 on-going support and sisterhood.


You are invited no matter what you are creating. 

Whether that’s a fresh start at work or going deeply into a new project, exploring a new side of romance (with a partner or by yourself), building a business, launching a non-profit, creating a book, starting a series of paintings, or you are ready to start a new habit or just craft a clean slate.


We've got you.

The 2020 Empowerment Mastermind is designed for maximum impact.


From January to September, you will focus on various aspects of your life, weaving them into the larger masterpiece of your work and your life. 


In January, our retreat will set the mood for the year and start our program. This will be our space of intention setting, vision-casting, planning and plotting, and lifestyle design. We will dive deeply into the work of your year, crafting the ideal work and play for your contribution, lifestyle, and desires.
January 25 & 26 in Washington, DC.

In September, our closing retreat will be the end our journey, with a celebration of all that we have done. We will outline our next steps for ensuring that we don’t lose the momentum we have built since the start of the year, and outline clear integrative steps to further your ambitions and continue to craft the life you want to support your goals.
September 26 & 27 in Washington, DC.


The modules will feature recorded guest interviews and teachings that you can access anywhere, discussion points and a guided journal of to explore topics in depth on your own, and monthly vision board workshops with group discussions where we can gather, explore, and initiate.

January: New Years Intentions

February: Self Love & Self Care

March: Passion & Purpose

April: Sisterhood & Feminism

May: Relationships & Romance

June: Sex & Body

July: Finances & Abundance 

August: Family Relationships

September: Contribution

Your wholeness

     Your whole life


$4,000 in full for the best value

or $500/month for 9 months for more flexibility


Your payment includes:

Access to the Empowerment Mastermind content, including a personalized workbook 

& Facebook community for life (as the program expands and evolves, so will your vision)

1:1 Coaching support every month

Monthly Coaching Calls & 24/7 Sisterhood Support

Two Weekend Retreats & All Full Moon Circles (in-person or live-streamed) 

Self care products & gifts to support your growth

Not having a crystal clear direction,

goal, or vision yet is completely okay.

In fact, in the sacred, supportive, and focused space that we will create in the mastermind,

your best ideas will flow with ease.

Get ready to feel a drive & clarity that you haven’t tapped into yet.

The world needs what you will create in this space.

And, you're invited to Mexico...

Empowerment Mastermind 

Annual Retreat 


Join other Empowerment MM womxn for a sacred week by the beach in Tulum, Mexico.

September 9 - 14, 2019 

Is it time for you to step in & join us around the circle?

We would love to have you. 

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