Coffee. Oysters. Champagne. Paris.

(Why you feeling good serves the world.)

Last night I was in a session with a client and we were talking about pleasure.

Specifically, we were talking about oysters, champagne, and coffee.

Because those are three things she loves (me too) and three things that she associates with a life of luxurious moments. A life that feels really good.

And it is part of our healing process.


Because it is your job to create a life you love.

Because we are taught to feel guilty for everything we want.

Because we are worried if we have MORE it might make someone mad, or be taking from someone else.

We are taught to fear feeling too good or things that feel too good to be true.

Who you are in your sensual, fulfilled, luxuriating self ✨Is✨ who you are meat to be. 💕

The good food,

the bright flowers,

the soft blanket,

the wide smile.

What I've learned in my work is that going deep with the healing requires pleasure.

You don't have to earn it,

hide it,

or feel guilty about it.

It's actually PART of the process of healing.

It's part of you showing up as your whole self.

Whether you run your own business or work in corporate or are a stay at home mama or a combo of all 3, the inner work of getting in touch with your true self, healing from the past, uncovering your desires, and claiming what you want... literally helps you show up better. 🔥

I see it over and over. I feel it myself.

So many women I talk to have put their pleasure, their bodies, their love & sex lives on the back burner while they focus on their career, but, find it’s just not really working.

They are fighting with their partners, going on the same bad and boring dates, feeling totally checked out of their body...and that stagnant stale feeling stays. ✨ What if you felt fulfilled, connected, confident, and like you were attracting all the sweetness love had to offer?

Not only would your love life spice up, your work will too! It’s magic. It’s connected. It’s worth it. ✨

It opens you.

Uncovering means more room to grow, to ask questions, to explore.


Uncovering means coming home to yourself.

And your work will get better & better as a result.

You get to have an incredible life. You get to fall deeply in love.

UNCOVER is my blueprint that I needed to get under all the layers & all the good girl conditioning & bullshit and figure out who I really was.

It runs every year, and the 2020 round closes for enrollment TODAY..

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