Create Your Own Retreat

Any time.

Get Away.

It's not too late to re-start your year.

This is something you can do by yourself, or with your partner - a mini-retreat is a great way to establish how you’ll take your romantic relationship forward and build those all-important couple’s projects.

I would know because Nick and I have just spent a weekend holed up in a sweet hotel to reflect. It was a great holiday to reconnect on what matters most to us as we go into the exciting unknown of a new year. We stayed at the new Canopy by Hilton in Bethesda, which was the perfect hideaway. It kind of felt like we were staying in a treehouse, but then when you come downstairs… there is a spa. So, the best treehouse of all time, ;)

But, if you have the time & space, a night away in your own city is really amazing. Think about what you might want to do and where you might want to go. What would your dream afternoon & evening be there? What would you want to do when you woke up? Maybe you could check in, take a hot shower and order coffee to be delivered, and start journaling/working through the first section of the workbook. (More below!) Then, after a break for a massage & dinner, maybe you can get into a dreamy/vision-y state and start doing the sections of our personal retreat that are all about your vision and your dream life. (Then, when you go to bed, see if more enters in to your consciousness while you sleep!) In the morning, with bright eyes & breakfast, get into your planning zone and set your goals.


I made you a workbook to use!

I created an exclusive workbook so you can reflect on 2018 and create a 2019 with meaning. Best of all, it’s FREE! Fill it out along with the accompanying audio & questions, and see what you can create this year.

I have fine-tuned this workbook over years of experimenting myself with the best way to make the year change a life-affirming event. My prompts will help you look back on 365 days of mental health, romantic relationship and wellness, before helping you identify how you wish to progress over six months, a year, and even imagining what your life looks like in five years’ time.

Download your retreat guide at

I believe something magical happens when we all set purposeful intentions going into 2019.

Share your own end-of-year retreat on Instagram, letting me know what you’ve learned. Don’t forget to tag me @kim.pendleton & @uncoveredbykimberly in your posts!

I can’t wait to see what you create, whether it is at home at 5am (sometimes that is the only hour we can get away!!) or a luxurious stay-cation.

Whatever you do, know that your unfolding is your work here. Your purpose is more about WHO you are, and how, than what you DO. This is your invitation to become.

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