Do you believe in Magic.?

When Autumn falls upon us, we start to see the beauty of death in a literal way.

Falling leaves, yellowing grass, the plucking of food from its life source. There is so much bounty, and yet we are coming to the end of life for many things. It is such a reminder that these things have a beauty to them. We are part of that cycle.

This transition from Summer to Winter is a potent time for magic.

Even if we aren’t tuned in to the thinning veils, we can feel the pull back into the kitchen to whip up crisps or mulled cider.

Did you know that this is a type of spell-making?

To capture the essence of the earth and your love in a single dish?

What alchemy!

And I’m sure you can see the person who is eating your spell fall under your cast of love and nourishment. This is magic. ;)

The last week of October will be here soon, and my good friend Sarah Jenks is sharing something special that I cannot wait for.

A course in practical


Completely free.

She has created an amazing free course called Magic Week where you will get daily Magic Lessons (from Sarah and 7 other incredibly magical women from a range of backgrounds and wisdom) delivered to your inbox from the Full Moon on October 24th until Halloween on October 31st.

You’ll get to experience magic firsthand and learn how to use it in your daily life to unhook yourself from the cycle of feeling overwhelmed, guilty, and stuck.  

Sarah is kicking off the week with a special online Full Moon Circle + Ceremony, Full Moon Magic: Discover Who You Are and Why You’re Here, on October 24th.

During this free workshop, she’ll help you uncover the lies and challenges that keep you from being the most authentic YOU, experience how the Moon, Seasons, and Elements can lead you to your soul, and real-life strategies to help you BE your authentic self every day.

To learn more about Magic Week and sign up for free, click here.

What I love about it is how practical and accessible Sarah makes this stuff. It is a reminder that women got called witches simply for being attuned to nature, to the divine, to the magical all around us.

But really, every time we create a ritual or mark a moment, we are participants in a little sparkle of practical magic.

What can you do to tap into your own magic?

Creating a ritual to initiate yourself into your next season.

Over the weekend, I created a ritual to step into the next season of my life. It felt like the right time, after a season of movement and fun (summer!) and a start to slowing down and recalibrating (hello, autumn...) I feel more attuned to what is coming next, and I want to make space for it.

I designed a Friday night that I'll be clearing space for in my schedule, where I could just really focus on creating what comes next.

My plan is to gather candles & some really beautiful flowers, to play soft music (probably Dar Williams!) and lay out a spread of some treats, like apples and dates, cheese and crackers. The way you would set up for someone special, because you are.

Then, to have time to do a little writing, a little dancing, a little dreaming — what wants to be created through me?

How am I being called to show up in the world?

What do I need to embody to truly be who I need to be right now?

And then to blow out my candles and commit.

Commit to showing up.

Commit to being Her.

That brave, magical inner self.

We are living in a moment where we need all the magic we can muster.

What will your initiation look like?

Here’s to making magic happen, join us for Magic Week here.

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