I was about to scream.

Over the last few weeks, every woman with whom I spoke for more than just a few minutes shared her story. The sexual assault. The time it hadn't felt OK. The feeling that something was unsafe. The fear. The grief. The rage. The desperation. 

It felt like an entire country's worth of women were remembering, together. 

Reliving, and, for some, re-traumatizing,

as the details embroidered themselves into the fabric of our national consciousness. 

I was scared for my life. 

He was laughing.

I was fifteen.

He was the popular boy.

I was just another girl at the party, disappeared in a bedroom. 

It is hard to stomach, the pervasiveness of this. 

Meanwhile, life continues to unfold. 

We want to love our loves, and squeeze our kids, and do our work. 

We don't necessarily have time or space or tools to break completely apart and scream at the top of our lungs. 

We don't always know where the anguish + the grief + the holy outrage would GO, if it came out.

But we know a few things.

We know that we are not alone.

That there is an army of women, sleeper-cell like, who have been made to feel crazy or chaotic in our bodies but that all of it:

the cycles

and the dips

and the unpredictability

and the curves

and the softness

and the hormones

and the jiggle...

is part of our strength. 

We know what legacy we want to leave our daughters. 

And our sons.

A legacy of rising, of justice, of safety. 

And that, my loves, requires that we make the space to scream.

To feel.

To unearth & uncover. 

Because that's how we heal. 

And that's where freedom lives. 

where does it still hurt?

It's safe to: 

close your eyes



Healing comes when we let our rage & our hope speak to each other.


what is true: 

You are yours. 

You are whole. 

You are unbreakable.


If you are like so many of us. 

There is more. 


More to do, 

more to uncover, 

more to heal & 

so. much. more. 


waiting for you. 

Healing from sexual assault & thriving in your life is something you. are. entitled. to. 

If pain from the past is getting in your head NOW, and making it hard to relax & soften into your love life, you are invited to join us around the sacred fire. 

Uncover is the program I made that took every lesson, every practice, every prompt, and every tool that helped me heal and poured it into a ten week, transformational journey.

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It is what I wish I had had as I navigated the divorce, the break up, the grief, the rape. 

It is what I wish I had had as I fell in love again and worried I might lose sight of myself. 

It is what I wish I had had as I uncovered my true strength, beauty, grace, and resilience. 

You can join us, loves. 

There is space for you at our table. 

And maybe it isn't for you, but for your sister. Your person. Your best friend. Your mother. Your niece.

Whoever it is that is started to dull down a bit of their sparkle, dim down a bi of their light, because it doesn't feel safe anymore to be truly brilliant & bold. Do you know her?

Because I do. 

And the world needs her brilliance back.

Uncover is a ten week program of online course material, laser coaching & holistic, transformational tools that will empower you to heal, thrive, and fall deeply in love. With him, with her, with your spouse, with a stranger, but most importantly, with yourself.

Your rage is welcome here.

Your passion, too. 

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