Reclaim Your Desire

So often, we are taught that, as women, our desires are FOR someone else.


They are part of a performance,

they are for someone else's pleasure,

they are an element of a transaction that we can use to get what we want...




It's confusing, and weird, and leaves us locked up, a lot of the time.

Even when we don't BUY IN to what our culture says, a lot of it can buy its way into us.

We might spend years being taught that being "Good" equates to not being sexual, or to waiting, or to only being sexy in a very particular way.

So many of us are recovering from heartbreak, trauma, and situations that left us feeling unsafe, closed off, or like we aren't totally at home in our bodies.

It feels safer to freeze up, lock up, or distance ourselves altogether from what we want. But there is so much beauty & bliss on the other side.

So, what are some ways we can get our desire back?

This is exactly what I do in UNCOVER, my ten week program designed to take women from feeling frozen & stuck to awakening the parts of ourselves that feel sexy, whole, and free.

Read on for three small steps you can do today.

1. Breathe deep

Put one hand on your heart, and another on your belly, and take a long, deep breath.

Notice what comes up for you.

Where are the parts of your body that are feeling tense, trapped, or scratchy?

What is wanting to soften, open, or surrender?

Can you take a few breaths and put your attention directly toward those areas, opening them further?

What shifts as you do?

2. Imagine your FUTURE SELF

Let your imagination conjure up your ideal future. You in five, ten, or fifteen years.

What are you doing? What are you wearing? What is your essence?

How does this version of you move in the world? What has she come to peace with, what has she ignited within herself?


Imagine that you are moving as your future self.

Let yourself take her on and move as she would move.

Dance, pamper yourself, get dressed as she would, and let yourself walk as if you are already her.

What does it bring up for you?

What does it feel like?

These three steps are so simple, yet so profound, and you can do them right now, for free! Click here to download your free guide, or double click the image below.

And, if you are ready to go deeper, consider joining us in UNCOVER. Explore the different options at

Here is what one participant recently shared,

"UNCOVER is a magical recipe for diving into your soul and giving love to the parts of you that need it the most."

This feedback today is an invitation to remember my WHY, from a new member in UNCOVER, my signature program for women who want to heal from the past, rewrite the scripts that they are ready to stop replaying, truly love themselves, feel at home in their bodies, and have the kind of love they want.

If you’ve felt frozen, alone, stuck, like you’re TOO much, or not enough, or like the kind of deep love you secretly want may just not be out there...

I’d love to have you join us.

And if you know someone who needs this kind of healing, send them my way.

Everyone deserves to unfold like a flower blooming. Everyone deserves the kind of love that makes them feel free.

Join UNCOVER today!

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