the ten week immersion 

Uncovering: Ten Weeks to Reignite Your Passion

In ten weeks,


your deep desires and heal from the wounds that are clouding your vision and making you feel like a stranger in your own body, relationships and life.

After years of dating and feeling tossed on the rocks of rejection or indifference,

or stumbling through marriage and wondering if it ever feels free, or easy,

you have dulled down your light, grown nervous and fidgety, or forgotten the power that you have in your vibrant, sensual, striking light.

This is your invitation to uncover her again.

To return to your brilliance, your beauty, your bold and bright presence.

Real life, the kind that excites you and aligns with your purpose on this planet, that magnetizes the love you want and offers the healing you crave, is just around the corner.

Heal broken marriages, recover from body trauma, channel your creative power, and ignite your inner fire. Your birthright is to feel pleasured, powerful, and radiant. It is work, to uncover this within us, but it is the kind of work that feels like play.

Let's begin.

The flow

This is not just a course, a coaching program, or a workshop.

It is a high level invitation into a new way of being.

It lasts for ten weeks, and then includes follow up integration support for six months.

Group coaching calls that will be recorded for you 


1:1 coaching calls


content & work that will guide you with clarity and fierce vision, traveling through the ten weeks of our syllabus.

About me, your teacher, guide, and empowerer...

Kimberly Pendleton, Phd

My work in the world is about reclaiming the divinity & desires within us all.

I am trained in holistic coaching & specifically in sex, love, and relationship coaching, but I've also spent time in the academic study of women's empowerment and the more ephemeral world of religious training. These weave together in my work to blend high impact practical tools with soft spiritual guidance and a deep commitment to women's freedom after centuries of being excluded, disempowered, and disembodied. This is the perfect time to embark on this work, together.

The Autumn Course runs from September 5 to November 7, 2018.

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100% Love Commitment

Do the work.

Uncover yourself.


And, if you aren't totally satisfied, you can get a 100% refund.

Simply hand back in your completed work, demonstrating that you truly showed up for yourself.

I believe so much in the power of this unwinding that I want you to feel totally safe, totally held, and totally free to sign up without worry.

And, if you feel called in to courageous change, but aren't ready to prioritize this kind of financial commitment, remember that I offer a free session that you can book. Clients have made amazing shifts and seen dramatic results just from these.

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