Women & Money & Power

There is more than one elephant in the room.

"They think they have a business issue when they come to me," she said, "but then it turns out, there's so much more going on."

I was on the phone with my dear friend who is a business coach, and she was connecting the dots, and I knew exactly what came next in the story because I see it, too.

She had women who sought her out to help them up-level at work, be empowered in their careers, and show up 100% in their lives.

Many of my clients come to me seeking the same thing!

And then... the covers get pulled back, and the true story comes out.

It's often much bigger than the original.

I am scared to be seen as powerful, brilliant, rich. I am scared to own all the parts of myself, I am scared to take full responsibility for my choices.

Because then... what if I fail?

What if I put everything on the line and find that when push comes to shove, I just don't have what it takes?

This is where our pleasure, our profit, our power & our passion all start to talk to one another.

Here's what I found: Untangling the shame I had around sex, love, and my body not only set me free to experience deep love, but it opened me up to the most successful months in my business I had ever had.  

We are trained not to talk about sex. We are trained not to talk about money. We are definitely trained not to talk about both, together.

But we have to.

Because these are two elephants in the room that are longing to be seen! And, when we do, we find that it is in exploring our inner thoughts around both that leads to real freedom, true beauty, and the kind of wealth that allows you to give & live & play & serve with your whole heart.

I believe in ways for you to create more money & flow in your life. I trust you with it. I'm not worried about you.

Study after study shows us that when more money gets into the hands of more women, society flourishes.

And, in my clients' lives and in my own lives, freedom with money is part of a deeper, true freedom in every area of their lives.

So, let' talk about it. Let's cozy up to the elephant in the room... both of them, actually.

Questions to take with you on your coffee break:

1. Do you long for more freedom with money in your life?

2. What do you feel in your body when you imagine paying off all your debts, investing in companies and causes you believe in, or making a big money milestone happen in your life?

3. What stories have you told yourself about how you ARE with money? (I'm bad with money, Making money is hard, etc.)

In my own life, I know, this is a constant, unfolding process. And, it's deeply related to my work empowering women & experiencing pleasure.

If you feel like it, feel free to comment and let me know what answers come up for you as you think about these questions. It can be tricky to uncover these things alone.

I'm also running a free challenge this weekend in my facebook group Pleasure is Power, where every day I am sharing pieces of my money story and free workbooks to go with action steps for your own money journey. I'd love to have you join us, if this is something you are currently moving through! Join here!

{And if you know someone who needs this kind of money love, send this their way. Everyone deserves to unfold like a flower blooming. Everyone deserves the kind of life that makes them feel free.}

Cheers to you.

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