Your Life Matters.

Hey, love.

Earlier today I was on the phone with my mom and we were talking about this political moment, in which women's bodies are a battleground for our national debates about whose lives matter.

We talked about what it means for women, and what it means for me, my work, and what I'm here to say.

Why the work of rediscovering our pleasure, reclaiming our bodies, rewriting our stories about what we deserve in love, in our work, in life in general, rewiring ourselves to receive, delight in life, and experience joy... not just about us.

It's taking a stand for the world we want to live in.

Is this the time when: we find our strength as women, acknowledge that healing, pleasure, desire, and passion are not extra, but integral, to restructuring this world?

When academics stop distancing ourselves from the lineage of feminist scholarship by brilliant women of color that fought for pleasure and embodied awareness to be considered a source of deep and true knowing, and when champions of women in the personal development space (and every space) see prioritizing self-love, healing, recovery and freedom, remembering who we are and recrafting a life of part of deeper, bigger, longer work of creating a different world.

One in which women's bodies are sovereign & safe. One in which care is accessible & routine. One in which freedom is continually moved toward, for all of us.

In the book of Esther, Esther is told, before she saves the Jews (with her BEAUTY and wit, but that's a love letter for another day I think),

"And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?"

Who. Knows.

If this is why we're here, now. In the positions of power and royalty that we have. With the voices we have.

For such a time as this.

To weave together a new world, where people who aren't valued are given a voice -- where women who are dismissed and dismembered are made not just safe, but whole, thriving, loud, free.

Esther is warned that she cannot stay silent, and nor can we.

I'm not just doing work to heal us one at a time so we can go off to our cozy corners and have better sex & feel more powerful in our businesses. That's all just a tiny part of it.

We are part of a revolution of turned on women, taking over. Speaking up, embodying our pleasure, asking for more, and not staying stuck in our pain.

Your freedom doesn't stop with you, is what I mean. It ripples out and out. It frees us all.

And who knows if you aren't being invited to do this work unraveling your own trauma, your own silences, your own fears around shining brightly... for such a time as THIS.

I'd love for you to take a minute now to breathe deep and really explore:

-What are you ready to let go of? -What guilt are you ready to drop?

Whether you feel inspired, on fire, or completely stuck... I'd love to help.

So, how can I use my voice?

Here is your link to all of the videos in my course, the Roadmap to Romance, video series.

In case you need it.

Because you might need it.

Because, at such a time as this, we need all of our power and all of our voices.

Because right now, we need more:

-Self care -Self love -Healing your body -Falling in love again -Tapping into your power

Book a free 30 minute laser discovery coaching call and let's have a virtual glass of wine, together. We can plot your future, your power, and what comes next.

This summer I'm creating something new, a way to work deeper and tune in to your power.

I'm looking for thirteen women who are ready to rise & reveal more of who they were always meant to be.

You might be one of them. Let's find out. I'll share more soon, and on these calls, so let's talk if you feel that ping.

And either way, I'd love to offer you this free discovery session so that we can clarify your dreams & goals and map out your next steps to get there. And, we can explore whether or not it makes sense for us to go deeper, together.

Whether or not your voice, in such a time as this, is ready to rise. Are there places to grieve and remember, and ways to thank your former self for doing all she could to get you here in one piece?

I know it wasn't easy. And here you are, in spite of it all. Whole, free, beautiful. And ready to rise.

Cheers to you.

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