Roadmap to Romance:

 free one week workshop series by Kimberly Pendleton

uncover your

most passionate


Are you ready to feel reconnected to your body, filled with love, and secure in yourself? 

This FREE training is my gift to every woman. A week of videos, love notes, and bite-sized action steps

to take you from feeling:




-fighting with your partner

-lonely & longing for love 

& reconnect to the brilliant, romantic, full, luscious, passionate, wild, soft, strong woman that you are. 

Re-ignite your current partnership,

or find new love,

feeling deeply connected to yourself.



What you'll get:


-Daily, short videos on self love, romance, healing from the past & crafting your ideal relationship to yourself & to your partner

-Action steps that will feel easy, fun & pleasurable, but will also really work.

-Love notes from Kimberly, cheering you on & making space to go deep so that you can truly heal & experience real freedom 

Your love story isn't over yet.

what's included

Self Love 101

The Love of Your Life

Self Care Practices 

& Romance

Reconnect to Your Love

Crash Course in

Sexual Freedom



I'm a Coach & Professor who reconnects women to their bodies, their passion, and their power. 


 It's so nice to meet you.

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I'm a Women's Studies Professor & certified

life coach

with a PhD

from George Washington University &

a master's degree from 


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