Rewrite your romance
Drop your baggage
Create your dream love life

in ten weeks

Go from feeling frozen, stuck & lonely 


at home in yourself & deeply free

The inner experience of love you have always deeply longed for...







...is all within reach. 


Your work is simply to uncover it. 

What you'll get

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“I had some initial hesitations about joining Uncover because I am very happily married! I wasn't sure if I would be the only one, or if by signing up I was sending the message that something was wrong in my relationship.  But once the course started I knew I was in the right place, and it was so clear from day one that this work is really for everyone.  It doesn't matter if you are happy in a relationship, unhappy in a relationship, single, or looking- Uncover meets you where you are and focuses on YOU and how you can be the best version of you, in whatever stage, to have more fulfilling relationships and better communication.


Uncover your deep desires.
Heal from the wounds that are clouding your vision
and making you feel like a stranger in your own body.


Go from

frozen and lonely

vibrant, sensual, intimate romance.


Show up in your mess, your magic, and your doubt.

We will uncover the truth of you: your light, your love.


Heal frozen relationships,

Reconnect with your body,

Recover from the past,

Light your inner flame again.



your passionate connection,

your deepest love,

your safe place to land. 


Return, back home, to you.


What you'll uncover

Ten weeks. Ten Chapters.

Your Uncovering unfolds in stages.

From embodied practices and coaching exercises to inner work to explore on your own, you will engage and awaken your sacred, sensual, soulful self in these ten weeks. It is not for the faint of heart, but it for all of us who are ready to love fully, with courage, devotion, and fire.

Uncover is a process that is centered in what we can do within us to heal, thrive, and create the love that we want. These are tools and exercises that you'll do on your own, and that will shine a light out on everyone around you. 

You have the power to create the love and passion you most deeply long for. 

Do you feel frozen, stuck, angry?

So many women I meet are angry, just below the surface. 

Not always knowing why.

And it makes perfect sense. 

There is a lot to be angry about. 


A lot of us are recovering from sexual assault, bad relationships, heartbreak, devastating loss.... 

Other times we are angry at the weight of injustice, 

feeling the oppression of broken systems and of patriarchy.

It means that we don't get what we want.

We don't even know what it is.


It also means finding out what we want, 

uncovering it, 

becomes a revolutionary act.

I empower women to find their desire again.

It may feel like this work is only for you to feel better:

to open up to the kind of love you've always wanted,

to love yourself,

to love your body.

But it's actually revolutionary.

And it's the medicine that the world needs right now.

Do the work to heal yourself 

so that you can do the work to heal the world.

And along the way:

have better sex,

feel amazing in your relationships,

dance naked,

step into your power, 


have incredible conversations with your loved ones,

show up as your true self.

Overwhelm & distraction are designed to keep us from 

uncovering our passion & our power.

Heal yourself so that you can help heal the world.


The Process

In videos, training, tools, and exercises learn the step-by-step blueprint to uncovering your passionate love.

The Workbook

Go within and fast track your process with the signature workbook pages 

The Support

Connect with a community of women all on the journey with you.


Unlock your vision and connect to your inner wisdom.


Narrate your story and name your needs, pain, and wants with the unique deep desire framework 


Cultivate self love, self care, and a safe, free sexuality


Open & heal your heart with de-armoring, dynamic tools


Visualize & manifest a love life that makes you feel adored and intoxicating 


Explore the shadow side of your story, uncovering doubt, shame, guilt, and fear with supportive tools


Reclaim your body, your heart, your magic, and your love story. Establish an empowered, opened map of deep love with imprinting tools and heart connection exercises.

the uncover process

ABOUT Kimberly

I'm a Women's Studies Professor & certified 

life coach with a PhD from George Washington University & a master's degree from Yale.

I created a blueprint for women to drop their baggage & heal

from the past after struggling through my own journey 

with loss, sexual trauma, & heartbreak.

Now I coach women to experience the same life-changing freedom I uncovered.

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If I'm already filled to the brim in my schedule should I wait to do it another time?


A: It depends. 

This program is really designed to help you say YES to yourself more and more.

What I often find when clients are super busy (or when I am super busy myself) is that we have all said yes to a bunch of stuff that we actually don't want to, or even don't have to do. Are there commitments in your life that you can clear away, delegate, or streamline, that would open up more space for you? (This might be something to consider just in general, but especially if you feel pulled to join us.) 


As far as the time commitment and the pacing, I'll say two things, and you can choose. On the one hand, you'll always have access to the program, so you can really go at your own pace. On the other hand, I find that when we really step into our commitment, carving out roughly an hour or so per week just for ourselves, to light a candle, pull out our journal, and do this kind of deep inner work, it actually gives us our time BACK because we are so filled up and focused on our truth. Just like you would make time for a dear friend, a date with your spouse, or to connect with your kids, how can you make a date with your inner self a priority? I promise that if you do, the immense healing and freedom you will uncover will be worthwhile. 


Q: Am I going to cry? 


A: You can do this. 

We have a myth in our world that we are fragile, broken creatures, incapable of going to the hard places. It's what leads us to shy away from the broken parts of our world, even when we want to stand up and help, and it's what keeps us afraid & frozen, as we fear what lurks underneath our pain, our past, or our guilt. 

So let me be clear:

You. Are. Strong. 

You. Are. Brave. 

This is not self indulgent or dangerous, 

this is your first step to showing up in the world in love, for real. 

This is the first step toward getting the love you want, and giving the love you have. 


Q: Is it worth the money?


A: If the price is giving you pause,

I'd love to invite you to think about what it means to invest in something, rather than imagining just spending money. I remember the first program that I spent money on, even with a discount and even though I knew it was a huge value, it was terrifying. What if it wasn't worth it? I quickly realized that what I was really afraid of was, "What if I'm not worth it?" 

The truth is, Uncover is less than six months of couples counseling, or a last ditch effort vacation, less than going to dinner once a month at a fancy restaurant on a date, or a monthly massage. 

I know it feels scary to invest in ourselves, especially in an area like love & romance that we are taught should just happen if it is right, but you are worth this. It will change the course of your life to truly know yourself and

infuse your life with passion, spice, and depth. 


If you decide this wasn't the right fit, there is also a 100% satisfaction policy, where you can receive a full refund if you aren't happy. Simply return your completed workbook & sign our honesty waver that you watched every video, and we'll give you your investment back.

It is safe.

"You need this. Just bite the bullet, pay the money, every penny is worth it. I'm saying this as a person who loves introspection and thought I had a handle on it. I had no idea what was inside me that needed to come out. It was scary at first, but IT IS SAFE. You are safe here with Kim, and she will not judge you. Let her help you with what she's learned. I promise you that you need it. No matter where you are, you need it. So if anything she says strikes a chord at all, follow that feeling and just sign up for this program. It will really, truly change your life and I don't say that lightly."



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