"Let your spending be a prayer for what you love and for what you desire—for yourself, for your family, and for the planet." 

-Kate Northrup

Heal from the past.

Reclaim your love story.

Create a thriving self love practice.

Uncover your true self.

Ten Weeks of Transformative Coaching & Practical Tools for Self Love & Romance

Uncover: Premium Coaching & Empowering Transformation in ten weeks

Team Hoagies Discount

Regularly $2500

One Time Payment of $475

"I feel like myself again"

What's included:

-10 weeks of 


practices & guidance

-personalized workbook

-5 coaching calls

-VIP strategy session

-24/7 community 



Online Course

Vision Board Magic

Use the power of visualization & get my step-by-step guide to crafting a gorgeous vision board. Set goals that are in line with your dreams & then make it happen.


$500 OFF

Tuscany Retreat

Join the Passion Uncovered retreat in Tuscany this summer, from June 9 - 15 in Florence, Italy. This inclusive, extravagant retreat is a crash course in reconnecting to who you are. 



Self Care Gift Box

Get a box of self care & self love gifts picked out just for you, including a gorgeous journal, bath products, art supplies, candles & more! 

(Purchase safely with Complete Money Back Guarantee)

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