Vision Board Magic

3 part online course in
crafting & manifesting
your dream life
by creating a
vision board

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Get everything you need to create a vision board that connects to your deepest dreams & map out your goals for the future in this three part 

course! Just add glitter glue.

What people say...


"I wholeheartedly believed that people come into our lives for a reason.  I was connected to Kimberly by way of Heather Novak. I am loving The Vision Board Magic Class. I have made several visionboards in the past.  Kimberly's meditation's that accompany the  lessons in the class  are both insightful and though provoking. I look forward to signing up for classes in the very near future." - Pam Z.




" Out of all of the vision boards I have created, this means the most to me. Kim’s questions often echo in my mind and provide me with grounding when I felt chaos erupting around me during my application process. 


Since the vision board course I have worked with Kim one-on-one to map out what my move will look like for graduate school as well as working through some of my feelings of fear for this big change in my life. Kim is compassionate, inspiring, fiery and honest in all of her work.   I believe that I was meant to cross her path in the land of Instagram and I’m so grateful that I did. Sometimes all we need is a push from another soul who sees everything within us that we fail to see in ourselves. I truly found that inspiration in my work with Kim!" - Monique R.

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