Irresistible Intimacy:

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Reclaim Yourself in Love &

Uncover Your Passion

to create a thriving love life

(and stop feeling frozen & alone)

This is a 10 week intensive where you will learn:

How to heal from the past and feel safe in your body again


How to stop repeating the patterns that keep you stuck & frozen

How to address heartbreak and heal family systems

Tools for creating a supportive, beautiful and conscious self-care routine - the foundation necessary before you can address anything with a partner

How to release the grip of heartbreak & past brokenness

A pathway towards creating sexual wholeness and accessing your inner goddess - this step is key for attracting (or extracting) a king worthy of you

How to explore relationship blueprints - how we love, why we run, and how to fully express yourself in a relationship or while dating that feels free and meaningful

To examine the shadowy side of sexuality, jealousy, dark fantasies, slut-shaming, and sexual fear

A system for connecting to your sexual energy and feeling safe & sexy

How to create a clear path to action so that you can bring your vision into reality

How to embody your power and experience your desire as a force to be celebrated, trusted and adored

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